C.S. Lewis Festival Glider Artist-in-residence, 2018

Over three days I traveled over and back across east and west Belfast, drawing on and off the Glider, capturing activities, events, and locations along the way. Some drawings were executed quickly and spontaneously, others were larger and more detailed. 

I use single lines to capture activities and events, and if the drawing contains more than one line there will be small tally marks in the bottom right corner of the drawing.

This series of drawings were produced both whilst traveling on the Glider, and off at various stops along the journey. The stops included individual bus stops as well as landmark locations such as Belfast City Hall, C.S. Lewis Square, Dunville Park and Royal Hospital (drawn from the comfort of Ravenous Cafe), and Stormont Estate (drawn awkwardly from standing in the middle of the roundabout). 

At the heart of my original proposal though was capturing the people that give life to the journey. I did my best to record the movement of passengers as they embark and disembark the Glider, the Translink staff who operate the buses, and the locals that live and work along the route.

I hope that this series simply captures people and places, actions, and situations, in order to document the life of the communities that are connected by the new route.